Social Automat; SOCIALMAT

No cash for this automat, Social ones get to be the winner with Socialmat

You can distribute your products with your visitors’ check-in’s or #hashtag posts on social media, make your visitors happy and inform their network about your products at the same time.

Instagram Souvenirs

Allows you to print images shared with an instagram #hashtag, leaving your visitors a souvenir from your event.

Your ad is gonna leave others standing
with WalkinAD.

Walking Ad is an hoaxer alternative for ordinary billboards. Detects and follows people with its sensors, gathers attention by whirling around and helps to deliver your message to more people.

Social battery charger;

Chargee is a social charging adapter.

Chargee starts working with your visitors tweeting with the #hashtag you pick and charges your device only in 10 minutes.

Power of summer-time
Solar Chargee

Solar Chargee is the solar technology using version of Chargee.

Solar Chargee starts working with your visitors tweeting with the #hashtag you pick and charges your device only in 10 minutes.

It’s always coffee time with

Socialbreak serves your hot beverage with a tweet.

Socialbreak starts with a visitor tweeting with the #hashtag you pick and serves hot beverages loaded in the vending machine.

This advertisement is going to float on air with FlyinAD!

FlyinAd is a flying medium that promotes your brand during an event.
You can fairly enhance the viral effect amount and can eternise your event with videos and photographs shot from the camera within.


Founded on January, 2013, Visionteractive develops social media based, fun and interactive physical and digital products, bridging the gap between online and actual world.
The team aims to bring your brand together with the target audience by developing various creative products, while enhancing the memorability owing to the interactive experience with the users.

visionteractive team


Board Member
R&D - Production Director


Board Member
Chief Executive


Board Member
Financial and Administrative Director


Software Development Director


Lead Investor


Events Manager


Industrial Designer


Sales Expert


Event Supervisor


Operational Support


Project Expert


Sales Representative


Graphic Design


Social Media


Operational Support

press & awards


We reunite your brand with the target audience in ‘real life’ with the creative products we have been developing. We enhance the memorability of your brand by the help of the interactive experience which our products offer to users or your customers.




We had tens of ‘happy’ clients since we have been established.
We are proudly presenting some of our references that might attract your notice.

Other References

  • Sony
  • GAP
  • Network
  • Denizbank
  • KIA
  • Kafepi
  • Avon
  • Disney
  • İş Yatırım
  • Bilge Adam
  • Avea
  • Akmerkez
  • First
  • HTC
  • Otokoç Otomotiv
  • Boğaziçi Üniversitesi
  • and many more...


Headquarters :
Caddebostan Mah. Beyaz Akasya Sok. Emre Apt. No:7/6 Caddebostan Kadikoy Istanbul

+(90) 216 357 07 57

+(90) 549 350 00 83

London Office :
Suite 143, 266 Banbury Road Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7DL, United Kingdom

+(44) 7748 069720

Operations :
Yenimahalle Mah. Hekimbasi Ciftlik Cad. Mine Sok. No:61-A Beykoz Istanbul

Presstagram; An Instagram Souvenir

Doubled up the number of its active users after getting owned by Facebook, Instagram has proved that social networking is not only about chatting, but people can also socialize by sharing other materials such as photographs or videos. Nevertheless, the thing that never change or lose its actuality in this new variable world, is our constant need to ‘actually’ touch our photographs. Though this fact can be regarded as retro by generation X, it is surely a bridge between digital and actual world for generation Y and Z.

Undertaking this linking role, Presstagram is a device that prints out the photographs shared with the determined #hashtag during an event, with a custom designed frame, featuring the brand’s advertisement within. Besides prioritizing the brand apparency in a persistent and active way, it becomes an important triggering factor to reach out the target audience, the major blessing of social media, with the determined #hashtag.

Amusing way from Instagram to wall

Filmmakers and who needs moving images cannot give up flipbooks since 1868. With Instaflip you can provide your visitors to enter into an entertainment World having long history.

Instaflip converts videos that are taken from the event area and shared with a hastag to flipbook. All pages of flipbook are also sticker. With this way, while visitors are increasing their brand visibility in real World by using social media and sticker, they and their environment enter into a magic entertainment.

Socialmat; The only automat that won’t work with cash

In an era where machines are studied to be controlled with brain waves, would it make sense if we claim that it is also possible to control them with social media?

Via Facebook and Twitter, it is now possible to control a machine which can be optionally arranged with a lego logic shelving system, distribute the products with the lifting unit without giving any damage and besides all this, can even preserve ice-cream with embodied cooling system. Starting to work by tweeting with an #hashtag specially determined for the event or by liking the brand’s page, this machine offers an exquisite experience to its users as well as standing out as an essential device for the brands who are aiming to be trend topic.

Your ad is going to leave others standing with WalkinAd!

Due to the increasing number of alerting billboards or advertisements around, people have been getting stolid and these mediums have been losing their past popularity. What would be your reaction if an ad board starts chasing you or blocks your way or tries to get your attention by teasing you? WalkingAd gains a place in the advertisement market as a brandnew medium, with its classical version featuring printed materials and the latest version that facilitates movement to logos or mascots of brands.

Charging Unit that works with Tweets

Charging trouble, one of the major problems of your events, is transforming into an impact that would disseminate you through social media with Chargee.

Starts working with your visitors tweeting with the #hashtag you pick and charges your device in only 10 minutes while sharing your event on social media continuously.

Solar Charging Unit that works with a Tweet

Gets the power from sun, works with a tweet and efficiently promotes your brand on social media.

Solar Chargee, working with the tweets containing the #hashtag you pick, charges the devices while your brand is promoted.

Hot Beverage Automat working with a Tweet

Your visitors can immediately receive a hot beverage by tweeting with the #hashtag you pick and share your event on social media at the same time.

This advertisement is going to float on air with FlyinAD!

FlyinAd let your message fly.

Your message gathers all the attention during the event, captures and immortalizes all the memories with the built-in camera.